Food Allergies & Intolerances

We are acutely aware of food allergies & intolerances and will always take the necessary precautions to minimise cross contamination. We hold Allergen Sheets for the Ice Cream products which are available on site.


We do offer a range of gluten free cakes and breakfast favourites and many of our Ice Creams are gluten free. Please ask in store.


We do have nuts on the premises and we endeavour to keep them in a sealed box to avoid cross contamination. However, we have to state that we cannot 100% gaurantee that these precautions have prevented cross contamination.

We also have a number of menu options that include Nutella which is likely to cross contaminate via the Crêpe griddle.

Please speak to the Manager on site if you have any concerns or require more information.


We have a small selection of Dairy Free produce such as several flavours of sorbet, we also have dairy free cones. We keep soya milk available for hot drinks.


We currently stock Low Sugar Ice Cream in vanilla only but if demand increases we will stock other flavours.