This information will be updated periodically. You should revisit regularly to ensure that you have up to date information.

Ice Cream Sundaes – subject to availability)

Toffee Banoffee

Funky Banana + Toffee Fudge Fiasco Ice Cream, Banana topped with whipped cream, toffee sauce & nuts.

Culaccino Marshmallow

Chocolate Chunk + Toffee Fudge Fiasco ice cream, marshmallows, topped with whipped cream and chocolate cookie pieces.

Busy Bees

Heavenly Honeycomb + Clotted Cream ice cream topped with whipped cream, honeycomb pieces and drizzled with pure honey.

West Country Delight

Strawberry + Clotted Cream ice cream, crumbled shortbread, topped with whipped cream & strawberries.

Honeycomb Heaven

Chocolate Chunk + Heavenly Honeycomb ice cream, honeycomb pieces topped with whipped cream, toffee sauce

Brownie Bonanza

Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream, crumbled cookie, topped with whipped cream, nuts and a cherry.

Cookies & Dreams

2 scoops of Cookies & Cream ice cream, crumbled cookie, topped with whipped cream and chocolate sauce.

Rocky Road

Cookies & Cream + Chocolate Chunk ice cream, mini marshmallows topped with whipped cream, crumbled cookie and chocolate sauce.

Black Forest Sundae

Morello Cherry + Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream, topped with whipped cream, chocolate shavings & a Cherry.

Lemon Meringue Twist

Biscuit base, Lemon Meringue ice cream, lemon curd, cream and toffee sauce.

Blueberry Extravaganza

Biscuit base, Blueberry Bliss FroYo, cream, raspberry & bubblegum sauce and wafers.

Traditional Desserts (subject to availability)

Knickerbocker Glory

This old favourite will bring back memories

Peach Melba

If you like peaches and ice cream what could be better?

Banana Split

More of a banana boat the way we do it!

Sundaes to Share (subject to availability)

Culaccino Mountain

4 scoops of your choice and then made ridiculous by us.

Fabulous & Fruity

4 scoops of fruity sorbets topped with wafers and fresh fruit.


A colourful mix of ice creams, sorbets and fruit and finished with pizazz

Seven Sins

7 scoops of any ice cream topped with devils horns, cream and sauces and toppings of your choice.